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Cat's Meow Cat Toy
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Keep kitty entertained day and night! With Cat's Meow™, there is no end to the fun your cats will have! Watch as they go crazy and become as playful as kittens again!
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Keep your feline busy daytime and night time with the the Cat's Meow cat toy. Made to entice your feline's pure prey instinct, the the Cat's Meow cat toy will provide your cat with countless hours of fun-filled stimulation. Your cat will go Loopy for Cat's Meow toys!

Benefits of Cat's Meow:

  • Constructed of durable rip proof nylon
  • Battery powered Cat's cat toy works anyplace your cat likes to play - you will appreciate hours of entertainment watching your pet and mouse!
  • Keep older cats active and healthy
  • Let your kitty savour hours of pleasure!

Using Cat's Meow, there is no end to the fun your cats will receive! Watch as they're going loopy and become as lively as kittens all over again!